When I travel between “Up North” and the cities of Southern Michigan I notice a big difference in how I feel. Up North I experience a calm and peace around me that is displaced by a buzzy irritation in Southern Michigan. I have used some of these products and find that they reduce that buzzy irritation by about 70%. Some people experience more relief than that and some less, but they offer a money back guarantee so you can try it out and see what you think.

US Wellness Meats

Many of my clients are working to include healthy meats in their diets. The farmers at US Wellness Meats have conscientiously raised quality grass fed and pastured animals without hormones, antibiotics or GMO feed for many years. If you don’t have a local source for good meat, these farmers can provide what you need at a fair price.

Weston Price Foundation

Weston A. Price Foundation

These people have been telling the truth about nutrition for decades. They do not receive funding from the food industry, so they can maintain independent judgement about information that is vital to the health of all of us. I’m a member and receive their quarterly journal. It’s one of the few journals I receive that I read cover to cover.

New Trends Publishing

New Trends carries the DVD’s and CD’s that are so helpful in understanding real food and real nutrition.

This doctor’s website is full of great information about how to transition to real food and how to feed yourself and your family well. The information here is practical and helpful.

Gym Giovino

Ann Arbor based Egoscue and Postural Alignment practictioner, Ann Margaret Giovino uses gentle exercises, stretches and static poses that can free you of pain and release movement restrictions.