To make an appointment please call Marsha Traxler, RN RPP at 734-747-7020 . Leave a message with good times to reach you and I will return your call.

Appointments are 60 minutes long and my fee for each session is $85. I do not charge for brief phone call questions. If you need to call with a question or problem or simply want to talk about things between sessions you are welcome to do that. If your call requires more than five minutes, I will charge for this time at the prorated rate of $1.40 per minute.

In order to provide a predictable schedule for myself and to work people into my schedule who may be waiting for appointments I have found it necessary to require a 24 hour notice if you need to cancel or change an appointment with me. If you cancel an appointment with less than 24 hours notice I will expect payment for that appointment unless I can fill that time with someone who is waiting for time. I will make every effort to do so. In situations of inclement weather and unexpected illness please call and discuss it with me. You will find me a reasonable person.

Analysis Appointments

If you are consulting me for Unconscious Emotional Self Damage Analysis we will spend some time at the beginning of our initial appointment getting to know each other a little and answering your questions. The remainder of the session will be the analysis itself.

In general, it is best to schedule Analysis appointments at weekly intervals. Working with the unconscious can be challenging and with intervals of more than a week the progress loses a certain momentum. It is certainly possible to achieve good results with appointments at longer intervals if that is what can be managed, but progress will be slower.

Bodymind Work Appointments

If you are consulting me for bodymind work our initial appointment will include a history review and assessment. When you make your initial appointment I will send you a history form to complete and bring with you to your first visit.

To prepare for your bodywork appointment:

  • Wear comfortable nonrestrictive clothing. All bodywork except Lymphatic Drainage is done with the client fully dressed.
  • Drink 8-10 glasses of water each day for two days before your session to allow your tissues to be able to take full advantage of the releases begun by the bodywork.
  • Eat lightly the day of the appointment. It’s not comfortable to be lying down for an hour with an overly full digestive system. This can interfere with your ability to benefit from your session.

After your bodywork appointment:

This deep bodywork can "bloom" within you for two to three days after a session. Taking the following simple measures can maximize the benefit you receive:

  • Drink 8-10 glasses of water each day for the next two days to mobilize and flush out any toxins that may be released.
  • If you feel headachy or have symptoms of flu within the first 48 hours you may need more aggressive detoxification. You can soak for 30 minutes in a hot bathtub with 1 cup of Epsom Salts added to the water. This can help a great deal. There are also foods, cleansing techniques and herbs that can be beneficial. Please call me if you do not feel well after a bodywork session.
  • Allow quiet time for yourself. Some people feel the need for more sleep than usual, and some people feel energized and less sleepy than usual. Pay attention to your body’s cues and follow them.

Most commonly I work weekly with clients who are experiencing pain until they are pain free between sessions. Then they graduate to two week intervals which continue until they are stabilized in the changes they are seeking. After that the intervals between sessions increase until the client no longer has a need to return. This general pattern is highly variable and is individualized for each client’s needs and circumstances.