Your Privacy

Your Privacy

Your privacy is primary to me.

This office is a solo practitioner fee-for-service office. The records generated by this office are used only for my reference. Because I do not participate in any third party reimbursement and have no employees, your records here are not accessible to anyone other than myself. My records are stored in a locked file.

You have the added privacy advantage at this office of all services being private pay. I do not accept insurance reimbursements nor file paperwork for reimbursement for my clients. No insurance carrier can receive your records from me for review without your expressed permission. I will, when requested, provide a receipt that clients can submit to their insurance carriers for reimbursement.

There may be circumstances under which you may wish me to share information about you with someone else. Examples of these possible circumstances are an insurance carrier from whom you are seeking reimbursement or another health care practitioner you are working with. In these situations I will ask you to complete a time and situation limited authorization that will allow me to provide the information you wish to share with the person(s) you wish me to share it with.

If you have been referred to me from another health care practitioner for bodymind work it is my custom to send your referring practitioner a letter informing them of your progress. If you do not wish me to do this please let me know in writing and I will respect your wishes.

I will comply with a subpoena and/or court order to open my record, should that occur. I will only comply with the specific record requested.

Please feel free to ask me any questions you may have about my privacy practices.