Marsha is a multi-talented healer and guide toward balance of mind, body and spirit. Her recommendations helped resolve my problems on countless occasions over several years. She is straight forward, directed, and clear, poised to assist in a wide variety of ways. There’s a holism to Marsha’s perspective that is not easy to find. The breadth of her experience and the depth of her person enable her to understand and analyze complex as well as subtle health challenges, recommend effective, non-invasive approaches to treatment, and support the individual’s journey toward full resolution of difficulties and distress. It’s been a blessing to work with Marsha over many years.

from Barbara Boyk Rust, Ph.D., Ann Arbor, Michigan

When I am in the hands of Marsha, I feel a strong, gentle, patient and intelligent opening of my whole body! My head begins to feel expansive and light and I feel every fiber in my body relax. After the session, I always feel as if Marsha put my head back on straight! (Not an easy thing to do!) I am so grateful for the powerful gentleness of her work.

from Frances Farmer, Ann Arbor, Michigan

Marsha Traxler has been my health “"guru" for several years. She has helped me lower my blood pressure and heal an eye injury which had been plaguing me for over 10 years. I trust and respect her advice and credit her with helping to keep me on the path to good health. I have noticed lately that a lot of the things Marsha has recommended over the years (cod liver oil, probiotics, etc.) are now being touted on PBS specials. She is a health professional "ahead of the times."

from Kathy Wieland, Ann Arbor, Michigan

We love Marsha!!! My daughter started seeing Marsha for cranial sacral work, at just 17 months of age. Lisa had chronic ear infections and we wanted an alternative to having tubes put in. By the second session, the congestion began to drain, and Lisa began talking like never before, quickly catching up to her peers. Lisa’s left foot tended to point outward, and the work brought that back into alignment. I shudder to think what conventional doctors would have done to treat that condition. We also noticed that the work gave our daughter an amazing sense of balance and agility, that other parents frequently notice and comment on. The support that we have received goes beyond the treatments themselves. Marsha is a wonderful resource for any parent on the path to creating a healthy lifestyle for their child. I value our conversations and the insights Marsha has provided, and consider her to be a very special part of our journey. We feel very blessed to have Marsha in our lives!

from K. S. Birmingham, Michigan

I met Marsha at our local Ojibwe language classes over two years ago and she has had a profound impact on my personal health and happiness. While she is trained in western medicine and is of a European and an eastern tribal background she really has invested herself into the people and culture of Michigan (Anishinaabe). She gets where she is at. She crafts Ojibwe-style moccasins and has studied Ojibwe medicine and has generously shared any help she can give – from providing me with a topical native medicine for fighting off a sinus infection, to decolonizing my feet, to teaching me how I could eat better, Marsha has been amazing. I was a very typical American in how I was eating with diet soda and fast food and some good choices thrown in there but very gently and very consistently (the best way to teach), Marsha has led me into understanding and appreciating how much Real Food can impact our health and our environment. I’m feeling better and better. Miigwetch Marsha!"

from Stacie Sheldon, Ann Arbor, Michigan