of Unconcious Emotional Self Damage

This is talking work and is done one on one. Through this analysis an individual becomes aware of their unconscious behavior patterns that lead to a repetition of the same painful emotional experiences throughout life.

These unconscious behavior patterns are not under the influence of the conscious mind, so we can’t change them through will power alone. Through this analysis we can discover how it is that we find ourselves in the same emotional pain despite trying our best to do everything different and better "this time." By becoming more consciously aware of these usually unconscious patterns, the individual is able to move around and beyond them.

Unconscious Emotional Self Damage Analysis is based on the work of Edmund Bergler, MD, who was a student of Freud and a contemporary of Carl Jung. Dr. Bergler was a prolific writer and many of his books can still be found in print. Tensions Can Be Reduced to Nuisances and Divorce Won’t Help are two titles that newcomers to his theories find helpful. He has also written extensively for clinicians and scholars.

This work is not based on the medical model. We are not dealing in this analysis with a pathology. Unconscious emotional self damage is normal and part of being a human. It isn’t pleasant or helpful but it is normal. This analysis is based on the education model. The individual in this analysis is essentially taking private lessons in understanding himself or herself. It’s much like music lessons. As the analysis progresses the individual experiences increasing improvement in their ability to enjoy their own life. And it takes time, just like learning to play a musical instrument takes time. This is not a technique where your problems are solved in 12 sessions or less.

Emotional Self Damage Analysis is not for everyone. Like many other modalities, some people find it difficult to work with, and some find it amazingly effective. It does seem to be helpful to many people who have not been helped through conventional psychotherapy.

I welcome inquiries about this analysis and its possibilities. I have been practicing Unconscious Emotional Self Damage Analysis since 1996.