Cranial Work

Cranial Work

Craniosacral Therapy grew out of the work of Dr. Andrew Still and William Garner Sutherland, D.O. and was primarily taught in schools of osteopathic medicine until the 1970’s. At that time John Upledger, D.O. began teaching the techniques of this remarkable therapeutic method to practitioners outside of osteopathic medicine.

One of the fundamental principles of Craniosacral Therapy or "cranial work" is that the bones of our skulls are designed to move and flex, and that when this movement is restricted specific problems result. The problems experienced from restricted cranial movement can be experienced anywhere in the body, because all of our tissues are connected and we literally move and function as one piece. This principle of cranial mobility is taught in medical schools all over the world.

One of the reasons Craniosacral Therapy can help to heal such a wide variety of problems is that many common illnesses are the result, at least in part, of cranial movement restrictions. These restrictions can occur during birth, through accident, with surgery, and as a result of movement habits. They can also be inherited. Craniosacral Therapy can’t cure everything, but if there is a cranial restriction underlying pain or movement problems the relief from this work can be amazing.

Another fundamental principle of cranial work is that a light and gentle touch can work at the deepest and most profound level. This principle is found in many contemporary fields of bodywork and in Ayurvedic medicine, the medicine of India. As my years of working with these techniques increase, I find that I can use lighter and lighter touch and get deeper results. I never use more pressure than the weight of a nickel (5 grams) and people often can’t tell I’m touching them at all. This is very gentle and deeply effective work.

I employ cranial work as part of a holistic approach to problems of all kinds. If you come in with, for instance, chronic sinus problems, I may suggest nutrition and diet changes, simple movement therapy and/or certain hygiene practices in addition to cranial work in order to accomplish your healing goals.